EP145: The Future of Multifamily Property Management with Briant Cárcamo

Join hosts David Staley and Nicole Staley on episode #145 of Digible Dudes as we explore bridging the gap between financial planning and operational execution in multi-family property management.

Our guest, Briant Cárcamo, Co-Founder at Vizibly, shares his decade-long journey in the multifamily sector. He has expertise as the ‘Excel guy’, which has driven his passion for innovating financial forecasting.

Discover the idea behind Vizibly, Briant’s platform promising to revolutionize financial forecasting by seamlessly linking operational decision-making with financial results.

He stresses the importance of user-friendly interfaces on software platforms. As well as upgrading from Excel to more efficient systems for budgeting and forecasting, to increase margins.

Explore Briant’s vision for Vizibly as a tool enabling data-driven decisions with a unified dashboard. We delve into the significance of a strong CAPEX strategy, multi-user data entry, and the advantages of a flexible budgeting system.

Looking ahead, Briant shares his foresight for the future of the multifamily industry. Focusing on understanding users at a deep level and the role of technology in enhancing the efficiency of regional and community managers. We also discuss the impact of market dynamics on property management and the prospects for portfolio consolidation.

If you’re ready to gain new insights into financial planning in the multifamily sector, don’t miss this must-listen episode of Digible Dudes!

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(00:00) Preview and introduction

(04:16) Multi-Family Financial Planning Made Easy with Software Platform

(06:53) Streamlining Financial Forecasting in Property Management

(11:30) Creating the Right Forecasting Model in Multifamily

(19:34) Software for Operational Coordination and Accountability in Multifamily

(25:09) Multifamily Budgeting Process and Challenges

(28:09) The Biggest Challenge in Tracking Multifamily Expenses

(34:44) How to Create an Accurate Financial Projection

(38:12) Flexible Budgeting System for Multifamily Properties

(45:23) Building a More Efficient PropTech Team

(54:28) The Future of Property Management in the Multifamily Industry

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