EP139: Unveiling the Transformative Power of AI & Technology with David Staley & Reid Wicoff

Join hosts David Staley and Reid Wicoff on The Digible Dudes Podcast as they discuss the future of work and the limitless opportunities brought by technology. In this episode, they delve into the impact of AI on jobs and innovation, uncovering the strategies to thrive in the new era of technology.

Explore the concept of leveraging AI and learn how it can reshape industries, build new technologies, and change the world. Gain insights into the importance of pivoting and the transition that companies need to make to stay ahead.

Delve into the effects of AI adoption on productivity, industry, and the long-term implications for the job landscape. Discover the challenges of consumer comfort with AI and how it shapes the future of work.

Don’t miss the discussion on multifamily technology and the future of ownership. Learn how infrastructure and changing demographics influence the speed of tech adoption, and discover the role of real estate syndicates in this dynamic market.

Join us on The Digible Dudes podcast and be part of the exciting journey into the future of work.

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(00:00) Preview

(01:14) How the world has changed from technology 07:00 How to respond to AI trends

(09:35) The right balance between innovation & current tech15:45 Adapting to new tech and experimentation

(20:00) New roles being created by 2050

(22:30) Concerns when adapting new tech too early in the multifamily industry

(26:50) Has confidence improved in automation services?

(32:51) How to align your brand to the company mission

(37:40) How will multifamily respond to artificial intelligence?

(42:00) The reality of real estate syndicates

(47:20) Will people hire for promp engineers in 2050?

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