EP136: Give More to Receive More with Nicole Ryan & Brandon Hammond

Welcome to another episode of the Digible Dudes podcast, where hosts David Staley and Reid Wicoff engage in conversations with industry leaders. In this episode, they have the pleasure of sitting down with Nicole Ryan and Brandon Hammond from NAA Gives.

NAA Gives is an integral part of the National Apartment Association’s mission to create a world where rental housing is a valued partner in every community. As the leading voice for the rental housing industry, NAA serves 141 state, local, and global affiliates, representing over 95,000 members and an astounding 11.6 million apartment homes worldwide.

During this discussion, Nicole and Brandon share valuable insights into the work of NAA Gives. They dive deep into various topics, covering everything from the organization’s overall mission to the specific charitable activities they undertake.

The conversation kicks off with an introduction to Nicole Ryan and Brandon Hammond, shedding light on their roles within NAA Gives. From there, the hosts and guests delve into an overview of NAA Gives, highlighting its purpose and impact within the multifamily apartment industry.

Throughout the episode, you’ll learn how communities can get involved with NAA Gives and contribute to their charitable initiatives. Additionally, the discussion explores how companies can provide more exposure to NAA Gives, amplifying its reach and impact.

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(00:00) Preview

(00:52) Introduction of the Digible Dudes podcast

(06:23) Introduction to Nicole Ryan & Brandon Hammond

(08:30) Overview of NAA Gives

(12:17) Charitable work and purpose in multifamily apartments 

(15:03) NAA Gives and Apartmentalize events  

(19:25) How communities can get involved in NAA Gives

(22:14) How companies can provide more exposure for NAA Gives 

(29:11) How to measure success & goals for NAA Gives?

(35:45) Accreditation of charitable activities for NAA Gives      

(39:45) The challenges and obstacles of NAA Gives  

(46:25) Supporting unforeseen events & catastrophes  

(53:20) How to take part in charitable activities  

(57:42) Simplicity in giving back with NAA Gives 

(1:00:05) Stories and use cases of NAA Gives  

(1:05:35) Hot takes & changing perspectives 

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