EP112: DE&I in the Workplace with Jon Olafson

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are some of the most important issues in modern society and the workplace. At Digible, we’re always dedicated to exploring and learning more about ways to contribute to improving DE&I. In today’s episode, we have a fascinating conversation with Jon Olafson, Partner at Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith LLP, a national law firm with a strong focus on diversity. Throughout the episode, we dive into what diversity means, how businesses can improve their response to marginalization, and what professionals can do to be more than just allies.

[05:03] Diversity – Jon shares his thoughts on what diversity means and some of the issues related to diversity that we should take a deeper look at.

[09:03] Marginalization & Discrimination – How marginalization and discrimination differ and Jon’s approach to dealing with situations where marginalization plays a key role.

[15:39] Dominant Culture – Jon explains the idea of a dominant culture and how it influences marginalization.

[22:14] Cancel Culture – Jon’s perspective on cancel culture and its influence on business and legal matters.

[26:10] Sensitive Conversations – How to have sensitive and difficult conversations with people from different backgrounds.

[34:53] Advice for Small Businesses – How small businesses can build awareness within the organization about critical issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

[44:48] Beyond Allies – Jon talks about being an ally plus and how leaders can do more than just being an ally.

[51:29] Cultural Appropriation – Jon’s take on how businesses should approach dealing with cultural appropriation.

[56:27] Pronouns – Jon shares his thoughts on the usage of pronouns and how it empowers people.

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