EP110: Multifamily Mission-Minded featuring Move for Hunger

Welcome back to the Digible Dudes podcast. This week on the show, we sit down with Adam Lowy, Founder & Executive Director of Move for Hunger, and Bridget Foley, Director of Multi-Family Partnerships for Move for Hunger. Move For Hunger is a national non-profit organization that has created a sustainable way to reduce food waste and fight hunger. Move for Hunger works across the nation and has provided over 22 million meals in their fight against hunger. In today’s episode, we dive into the work of Move for Hunger, how they connect and integrate with stakeholders in the real estate industry, the creative initiatives they utilize to encourage people to donate food, and their vision for the future.

[01:02] Getting to Know the Guests – We learn about our guest’s backgrounds, the story of Move for Hunger, and how it supports the community.

[06:28] Connecting with Real Estate Partners – Adam & Bridget dive into how Move for Hunger connects with different stakeholders in the real estate sector to ensure that donations are distributed to the correct places.

[12:00] Creative Food Drives – Some of the creative events and other campaigns Move for Hunger organized in order to inspire more people to donate food.

[18:55] Process of Donation – Adam dives into the logistics aspect of how residents donate food for the program.

[24:00] The Vision – The overall strategic vision of Move for Hunger for the next couple of decades and some of the goals they’re planning to achieve.

[28:34] Other Market Segments – We dive into what Move for Hunger has planned for market segments other than multi-family, such as student housing, senior living, and military housing.

[32:04] Challenges – We dive into some of the challenges Move for Hunger faces in their work and how the industry could help with those challenges.

[39:02] Tools & Tech – Adam shares with us what tools and technologies they’re using to make things happen.

[47:25] Integrations – How the work and processes of Move for Hunger can be integrated with the processes of property management companies and residents.

[52:59] Hot Takes – Adam and Bridget share their two cents on some of the trends and prevalent opinions in the industry.

Are you a property management company? Check out Move for Hunger on how you and your residents can support their mission of providing food for families facing food scarcity.

Bridget Foley, Director of Multi-family Partnerships
Adam Lowy, Founder & Executive Director

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