EP109: Meet Chelsea: Digible’s Website Product Manager

In today’s world, when consumers seek a product or service, they visit the company’s website. Hence, it is essential for any business to have a cohesive and user-friendly website. Although the primary needs may vary depending on the type of business, the customer should always be left with a positive impression after landing on the website. Ultimately, having a well-designed website will help you stand out from the crowd.

This episode of the Digible Dudes podcast focuses on essential components of multifamily website design and development. Today we are joined by Chelsea Schonhaut, Website Product Manager at Digible. Before joining Digible, she spent the previous nine years of her career in a high-volume marketing agency.

Beginning with a recounting of her journey thus far, Chelsea discusses a number of features that would make a website exceptional. Then, she delves further into the characteristics that would produce an outstanding multi-housing website. Moreover, we cover Chelsea’s experience, recommendations, and thoughts about the renting process she had to go through. Lastly, we conclude the episode by discussing the future of website design and development concerning the new features and pricing structure.

[04:53] Chelsea’s Background – What Chelsea’s career has consisted of thus far and what drew her here.

[12:22] Great Website – Chelsea discusses what makes an excellent website.

[18:21] Multifamily Website – Chelsea highlights the need for photographs and higher accessibility when developing a website for a multifamily business.

[26:25] The Gap – How to approach the gap between designing and actual technical development.

[28:14] Major Pain Points – What are the critical aspects of a website for a multifamily business?

[31:09] Virtual Tours – Chelsea discusses her previous encounters with virtual tours and offers her perspectives on virtual leasing bots.

[45:50] Notion of Content – Chelsea’s take on bringing more information or aspirational thinking that people might intercept to provide value outside the website, relating to neighborhood studies.

[52:50] Increase Efficiency – What optimizations may be made to the website or client journey to improve efficiency?

[56:09] Single Family – Chelsea expresses her views on single-family housing.

[59:54] The Future – Where are websites headed in the future?

[01:03:09] Cost Structure – What is the predicted cost model for website development in the coming years?


Connect with Chelsea:

Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/chelsea-schonhaut/

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