Digible Snack: The Effectiveness of Using Neighborhood Keywords in your Paid Search Campaigns

We’re back with another Digible Snack episode where we have David, Megan, and Adam talking about how effective would it be to use neighborhood-related keywords in your paid search campaigns. Megan is the digital strategy lead for the paid media department and Adam is the director of paid media at Digible. Throughout this short episode, our guests share their wisdom on numerous things marketers need to know about using neighborhood-related keywords in their paid search campaigns.

[01:08] Case Studies – Reid and Nicole talk about the case studies they conducted and why they chose these topics.

[02:09] Keywords and Neighborhoods – Nicole shares some statistics that reflect the behavior of keywords related to certain areas and what marketers should keep in mind about it.

[03:50] Client Data – How the data from clients about how they research neighborhoods for relocating relates to marketers.

[05:41] Micro Improvements – Why even small improvements in the performance of search campaigns significantly matter.

[07:01] Big Market – Why you should pay attention to sub-market keywords when you’re focusing on a big city and how it might improve the performance of your marketing efforts.

[07:36] Neighboring Neighborhoods – What you should consider when you’re thinking about targeting nearby areas to your main territory of interest.

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