Digible Snack: Cookiegeddon? What the changes with Chrome mean to you.

Recently, Google announced that Chrome browser will no longer allow using 3rd party cookies, starting from 2022, in an attempt to take another step in improved user privacy. Although Google isn’t the first tech giant to follow this path because Firefox and Safari had started this process long before, Google’s decision will have a bigger impact on the digital marketing arena. Nicole Brennan, Director of Client Services, joins us today to talk about the impact of this change.

David and Nicole dive into the conversation by talking about what types of cookies are going away, different types of cookies, and how they are distinct from each other. They also talk about some of the other options available for retargeting once cookie-based retargeting becomes unavailable.

Another area David & Nicole focuses on is contextual targeting. Nicole talks about how contextual targeting may come in handy for marketers when Google implements this new approach. Wrapping up the episode, David & Nicole talk about how location-based marketing comes into play with regard to the cookie ban and some tips and tricks for communicating with stakeholders about Google’s cookie ban and its impact on advertising campaigns.

[01:38] Cookies – Not all cookies are going away. Nicole talks about what goes away, what stays, and the differences between the two types of cookies.

[02:54] Alternate Options – Some of the other options available for marketers for retargeting once this cookie ban is implemented.

[05:14] Contextual Targeting – How contextual targeting works and how it may be beneficial once the cookie ban is implemented.

[06:54] The Motive – David & Nicole talk about the reasons why Google may have decided to disallow 3rd party cookies.

[10:04] Location-Based Targeting – How the new change may affect location-based marketing and what marketers need to keep in mind about it.

[13:37] Stakeholders – How marketers can effectively communicate with their stakeholders about the impact of Google’s cookie ban.

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