AIM 2021: Intro & Review

The Apartment Innovation and Marketing Conference 2021 (AIM), was held in October 2021, and the Digible made their way to the conference in Huntington Beach, California. In this short podcast episode, David and Reid share their first impressions of the event and some of the interesting sessions they attended at the conference. Stay tuned with the Digible Dudes podcast, as we’ll be sharing more highlights and takeaways from other sessions from AIM 2021 in the next week.

We start the podcast today with a recording David & Reid did at the conference, just before the first day’s sessions started. They talked about the first impressions of the event, the agenda, and sessions they looked forward to. In the next part of the podcast, David & Reid shared their thoughts on a couple of interesting sessions at the conference and what they learned from the sessions.

[01:31] Agenda – David & Reid go through the agenda and talk about the sessions they were looking forward to and the guest speakers who were attending.

[08:13] Hot Takes – Reid shares his hot takes and bold predictions for the event.

[12:20] Participation – For David, the crowd at the conference was more than he was expecting. He shares why that was the case, given that the country is still with COVID and what some of his favorite sessions included.

[17:21] Google My Business & Single-Family Rentals – David shares his experience on the sessions he attended on how Google My Business can be utilized for the apartment marketing industry and the trends in the single-family rentals sector.

[20:03] Final Thoughts – David and Reid share their thoughts on some other trends that were brought up in the sessions they attended.

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