#135: How AI is Reshaping Real Estate Markets with Victor Dozal

Join David Staley and Reid Wicoff in this episode of the Digible Dudes podcast as they sit down with Victor Dozal.

The trio dive deep into the world of AI, exploring the trend of generative AI and natural language processing, and discussing Digible’s background in natural language generation (NLG). Victor shares his insights into the different applications and use cases that should be considered when using Chat-GPT.

David, Reid, and Victor delve into the careful considerations businesses need to keep in mind when using Chat-GPT, and the accuracy and trustworthiness of AI platforms. They also touch upon whether the government should intervene in AI advancement, and whether Chat-GPT and Auto-GPT will change the world.

The trio explores the impact of AI on the workforce and productivity, with a focus on the real estate and multifamily industries. Finally, the episode concludes with a discussion on how businesses can use AI to increase workforce productivity.

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(00:00) Preview

(00:50) Learn about Victor Dozal’s Background

(04:25) The Trend of Generative AI and Natural Language Processing: What You Need to Know

(05:36) Discover Digible’s Background in Natural Language Generation (NLG)

(09:15) Applications and Use Cases: How to Leverage Chat-GPT’s Potential

(12:30) Careful Considerations When Using Chat-GPT: What You Should Know

(16:50) Accuracy and Trustworthiness of Chat-GPT and Other AI Platforms: Insights to Know

(18:55) Government Intervention with AI Advancement: Pros and Cons

(21:00) Chat-GPT and Auto-GPT: Can They Change the World as We Know It?

(24:17) The Impact of AI on the Workforce: Will it Reduce Jobs or Boost Productivity?

(29:00) The Role of AI in Real Estate and Multifamily: Benefits and Opportunities

(32:00) Enhancing Productivity with AI: How to Implement in Your Workforce

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