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EP54 - Digible Summit Mastermind- The Metrics That Matter

November 11, 2020

Welcome back to the Digible Dudes podcast. In today’s episode, we have Jenny Haacker as our guest. Jenny is a paid media manager at Digible. Today they are talking about metrics that matter.

Starting the conversation, Jenny talks about the main takeaways about metrics from what Jenny and her team talked about in the Digible Summit. Then Jenny talks about some of the key metrics and how they apply to properties. She talks about how different people on the team weighed in about their respective aspects of marketing.

In the next part of the episode, Jenny shares her thoughts about important things to consider in the onboarding process. She shares how clarifying information regarding properties and communication with the vendor plays a vital role in the process. Further down in the conversation, Jenny talks about effectively managing marketing expenditures and the challenges they are facing with it.

In the next part of the episode, Jenny talks about several types of Digital metrics and the deeper levels of metrics they can use for digital marketing. At the end of the episode, Jenny talks about metrics that provide a clear idea about the performance of a marketing campaign, such as the clock through rate.

[03.28] Takeaways of Metrics - How metrics apply to different roles in a marketing campaign, such as marketing managers or regionals, leasing consultants.

[04.20] Key metrics for Properties – The most useful metrics for properties.

[07.01] The Process of Onboarding - Importance of having more information on properties, the vital role of the communication with the vendor.

[11.31] Budgeting – Challenges involved in budgeting and justifying your marketing spend.

[13.02] Types of Digital Metrics – Jenny and David talk about several types of metrics and how they help you improve the performance of your marketing efforts.

[16.39] Benchmark Metrics – Metrics that give you a better understanding of the performance of your marketing efforts.

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