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Digital Touchpoints Off & On-Site for Multifamily

May 17, 2018

Earlier this week, we explored the marketing funnel for multifamily and different ways that you can engage with users as they go through the process of finding their next apartment. Generally, the industry usually mentions that it takes 6-8 “touches” before a sale occurs (or qualified lead applies), but which are the most impactful on the renter’s journey?


Think of your target audience - a young professional with a decent living who wants to live in your apartment building - and think about the decision that they are faced with when looking for a new place. Your “Yo-Pros” (as we lovingly call them) know how to use the web and prefer to do a good amount of research before coming to you both off-site and on your website prior to giving you a call.

Off-Site Touchpoints

PPC ads (pay-per-click) could be your best friend or your oldest frenemy, but they can be very useful with proper targeting as one of your first touchpoints. Utilizing geographical information like zip codes and nearby city names can capture a larger audience in your area for one of their interactions with your property. If a Yo-Pro types “one bedroom apartment denver”, and your ad pops up, you’ve got yourself your first touch point. From here, a few more touches, with a familiarity in your property, can give you a better chance at sealing the deal.

The SERPs shortly follow PPC. After finding your ad, your prospect will be able to scroll through the rest of the SERPs which can include the following:

  • Google My Business listing (in the Knowledge Graph) - make sure you have one! If you have a listing on Maps that you have claimed, your listing could show up in the local results (accompanied by a map on the first page in Google) and show users that you are nearby. In the Knowledge Graph, you can show off pictures of your amenities and floor plans and also showcase your reviews.

  • ILS’ (Internet Listing Services) - these will show up highly in nearly all apartment searches. These sites are the big boys and it’s not uncommon that they take up a ton of real estate on the first page. It’s pretty common to still use these (even just once) during the path to purchase.

  • Other 3rd party sites - this can be split to before and after the lease is signed. Before your qualified lead walks through your door, they can go on other sites like Yelp or YP (Yellow Pages) to find out a bit more information on you. Once your prospect is further down the funnel (or just after signing) social media sites can be included here as well. Your Yo-Pros love Facebook and Instagram, and a good presence on these sites can be great for engagement.


On-Site Touchpoints

Picture it - a prospect signs an application and seals the deal - what path did they take on your website to get their new home? A considerable amount of time is spent on-site, more on-average than numerous other industries to figure out if your property is the perfect fit. Multiple touchpoints exist on your site including:

  • Floorplans and pricing - This may be one of the first stops on your site. Pricing is a pretty quick way for people to self-qualify if they can afford your property. This is one of the most important points in their process, so make sure your pricing is up-to-date.

  • Amenities - This is the cherry on top after your Yo-Pro determines they can afford your property. Have a crazy waterfall pool or an underground movie theater? People love to see all that you have to offer!

  • Neighborhood/location - This can be especially important for people commuting to work or living in a big city. Listing proximity to nearby shopping, restaurants, and other activities can be a big selling point.

  • Gallery - High-quality pictures can make or break a sale for you. Ensure you have high-quality photos showcasing every inch of your property so that when prospects visit it looks just like they remember (or better!) than when they saw it online.

  • Contact - This is it! The final place on the prospect’s journey before reaching out to you. Make sure your address and other business information is correct and be sure to list a phone number when prospects can call any time of day to schedule a tour or ask questions.


Other Factors (Offline)

Of course there are other factors when it comes to making the decision to lease. A wonderful community, helpful office staff, cool amenities, and location are all incredibly desirable - and the final decision is influenced by both online and offline marketing and your leasing agents. Luckily, you can showcase everything you have to offer at your property online (both on your website and other 3rd party sites) so that when a prospect comes in for a visit, they can make a quick decision to pull the trigger.   

If you have the goods but don’t know where to showcase them, we can help you out!

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