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Case Study: Social Creative Testing for Apartments

May 3, 2019

Overview & Purpose

Here at Digible, we love a good Canvas ad. What is a Canvas ad you may ask? A Canvas ad is a mobile full-screen experience that allows for users to scroll through videos, images, and multimedia elements while never leaving the Facebook app. Think of it as a mini website chalked full of information and beautiful design. The purpose of a Canvas ad is to tell a story about your brand while educating users of your offerings. For the apartment industry, Canvas ads check all the boxes by allowing advertisers to highlight images, floorplans, amenities and offerings all in one space.


When creating canvas ads, it was a constant debate, whether amenity or interior images were better suited for the target audience. On one hand, amenities are enticing to view. But on the other hand, floor plans are practical and useful information for those looking to sign a lease.

In Q1, we measured the performance of amenities/interior images versus floor plan images in the body of canvas ads. The purpose of the test is to best understand Facebook audience behavior & interests.


Tested for 9 weeks across 5 different properties.


Key Findings

  • Floor plan images increase average CTR 143.26%

  • Floor plan images increase average view time by 116.08%

  • Floor plan images increase relevance score by 10.8%

  • Facebook users have a stronger interest in floor plan images versus amenity or interior images.


Floor plans have it this time! Optimize your campaigns with high-quality images of floor plans over an amenity or interior image where possible.

Want to know more about our process or recommend a future study? We’re all ears!


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