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august 18th, 2021
Good morning. We have exciting news to deliver today. The Digital Address is finally dropping! This email newsletter is guaranteed to bring you the latest news on apartment marketing and digital trends directly to your inbox each and every month.

In this month's edition:
Pet Friendly Apartments
Work From Home Support

Is it Worth It? Let Me Work (From Home)

A historic shift has taken place in the way we work. Working from home once felt like a short-term solution to curb COVID-19 and has now turned into the norm. With WFH here to stay apartments need to get creative as consumers look to create spaces to optimize work and life balance.

56% of Americans are working from home and this number continues to rise. To accommodate this change, apartments must make advertising their WFH support a priority. Unsure where to start? Why not stage a multi-bedroom unit as a one-bedroom plus office? Or turn an old communal game room into co-working or private single-use spaces with excellent WiFi capabilities? No matter what path you take, positioning your brand as a WFH leader is a forward-thinking approach that will pay off in the long run as more professionals move to WFH.

What does this mean for brands? Professionals everywhere not only proved that they can work from home, but that they want to. With so much newfound freedom and flexibility, apartments need to revamp WFH-support to stand out from the competition and capture more potential leads. In a world where the new normal means working from anywhere, brands need to give people a good reason to work (and live) at their properties.

Pandemic Puppies & Apartment Living

Pandemic puppy, anyone? 2020 saw pet adoptions skyrocket. ASPCA reported a 500% increase in pet adoption inqurires from New York and California, and shelters reported low inventory. With pet-ownership on the rise, apartments need to find practical and creative ways to make furry residents feel included.

Apartments with pet spas, grooming stations, dog parks, and more? It's paw-sible! This past year has given pet-owners ample time to spend with their furry BFFs and the result is a want for better, high-quality pet amenities. According to 2020 CoStar data, pet-friendliness ranks in the top 3 amenity searches and the industry is taking note. Not only have we seen an increase in luxury pet services, but also in dedicated pet spaces and pet-centric events (Yappy Hour, anyone?). (Washington Post, 2021)

What does this mean for brands? Man (and woman's) best friend is here to stay and brands should take note. Now is the time to revamp your service offerings for furry residents. Whether you're putting in a dog park, offering pet-walking services, or hosting dog-centric events, current residents will love the new offerings and potential residents will be more interested in leasing with you!
New Operating System, Who Dis?

Anyone else hearing the term, "iOS14" everywhere and have no idea what it means? Don't worry, we gotchu. As part of Apple's updates to the newly rolled out fourteenth version of their operating system, they have added updated privacy protection options for all Apple device users called "AppTrackingTransparancy." This new privacy protection update requires users' permission to "track" their data. This data has historically been used to inform targeted advertising efforts.

What this means for brands? This might sound like bad news for advertisers and brands alike, but there are several key factors to keep in mind. While the access to data will change, the way users interact with your brand on iOS14 devices will likely remain consistent. Through utilizing rock-solid digital marketing strategy paired with impactful creative, brands can continue to drive powerful upper-funnel engagement with users.
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