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digible's ode to 2022

HeyYo- it’s that time of year
For some Digi self-reflection.
It’s time for company cheer
For gratitude and affection.

So much to ponder
So many to thank
We’ll try not to wander
We’ll try to remain frank.

So, let’s get to it
That means Jan 22
Our Roman candle was lit
Except nobody knew.

Sure, we had traction
Of the Digible kind
Ideas, plans, and action
Backed by grit and grind.

But the year of the Tiger
Would outpace them all.
We executed like Iger
Despite Greystar’s squall.

The growth strategy was clear …
Posts, partners, and prod.
Services, at the tip of our spear
CS gripping the rod.

We promised fiscal restraint
More than ever before
Nothing fickle or feint
The kind bank would adore.

We refined process
And automated workflow.
We did more with less
We established our tempo.

Low and behold
Mr. Profit was back.
His stay was untold
But dollas began to stack

Except this time felt different
Like he may actually stay.
We couldn’t give a percent
But this was a new day.

Speaking of new
And forging ahead
We tapped our queue
Where Digi-deas are bred.

EDP got the call
A gram for our peeps
We gave Kari the ball
She was playin’ for keeps.

There was no reproach.
And little doubt
She’d take the right approach
To help employees sprout.

Then, came Spring.
And websites rang eternal.
Chelsea entered our ring
As the product Colonel.

More change would blossom
In the Garden of Organic
The new leader was awesome
You could even say ‘Botanic’.

But as Shannon moved in
Adam was movin’ out
To be closer to kin
Going the remote route.
More news from PMT ...
Haacker became a Kinne
Ben beamed with glee
Squeezing his lucky penny.

Next up was Q2
Oh, what a quarter!
So many updates to chew
No chance this gets shorter.

We’ll start with the hardware
Congrats to Allysa and Isobel!
For no pair can compare
Now kiss freedom farewell.

Then, came the big news
Baby Staley was in the oven
Are they ready for these shoes?
He’ll need a whole lot of lov’in.

But who are we kidding?
This is David and Nicole.
Griff was at their bidding.
They’re made for this role.

Time for a hard right
A turn, not a punch.
A new client was in sight
Does anyone have a hunch?

Initials G.S.
Need we say more?
Stress- yes.
But oh how we’ll soar.

Less we not forget
The lists we already made
Inc5000, you bet!
TopWorkPlaces, we stayed.

CTA gave us more rec
As an APEX nominee
Category- “Emerging Tech”
We were just one of three.

Back at South Broadway
We celebrated our own
It was Erica’s golden day
To sit atop the taco thrown.

We also extolled Eddie
With a Lifetime Achievement Award
He kept OS steady
And every client was floored.

June wrapped with THE SWITCH
DT to FionaCalls
The transition was a b!$%h
And took real balls.

In the end, we were Victorious.
Thank you, tech team!
The savings are glorious
A real Dorhout Dream.

Our train rolled into Q3
Full of steam and vigor
Our company tree
Just kept getting bigger.

We hired OMs and AMs
Strats and Engineers
A trove of talented gems
Eager to impress their peers.

Meanwhile, our Summit neared
And the committee prep’d
A dude named Jan steered
And proved quite adept.

The content was dope
The panels were sick
We stayed within the scope
It all seemed to click.

Then, we heard ringing.
Of the wedding bell sort.
The dance floor got swinging
DigiDudes held court.

Cheers to Ricardo and Kate
Hooray to Cassidy and Jack
Same for Abby and Nate.
Can’t wait for the pics on Slack.

Back at 34 hundred
A tiny bandit lurked
We sat and wondered
While the culprit smirked

Last but not least
Q3 brought one more thrill
A can’t-miss streaming feast
David vs The Treadmill

He pursued Guiness glory
12 hours 100 miles
Resolve became the story
He came out all smiles

Down the stretch, we went
Which means Q4 of course.
We kept our legs bent
And our pace full force.

Michelle partnered up
Lerch was named COO
Tech merged to one cup
Careena joined the show.

Nicole became a Chief
Of Experience that is
A much broader fief
She’d picked it up in a wiz.

Vic got veeped
Ryan did, too.
Of course, Reid weeped
So proud of his crew.

Next stop, Marketing Masters.
Den of the gray star.
We boarded with blasters
Ready for a spar.

But the fight never came
Each vendor played nice
Digible made its name
Which was well worth the price.

In late October
Came Trick or Chili
Not all were sober
The office got silly.

November brought pot luck
And time to say thanks
Kelly got hiring un-stuck
Jenny rose the ranks.

Arden pushed Fiona Forward
DEI became a priority
Everyone should feel heard
Especially, the minority.

Alas, December arrived.
And DigiAwards with it.
The company had thrived
We didn’t skimp a bit.

The evening was electric
Marked by an Apres theme
MCs were an easy pick.
Or, so it would seem.

Erica punned the night away
Allysa supplied the sparkle
Eliot swiped Roman’s bouquet
Reid got patriarchal

Our year ended
Full of joy and glee
2022 was splendid
Now bring on 23!

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