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digible's ode to 2021

2021, what say you?
Shall thou be merry or blue?
Calming or chaotic?
Is our vision true or quixotic?

Will Fiona’s Flag finally fly?
Or, will her sweet subs run dry?
Can the agency keep its torrid pace?
What else may we give chase?

For, our road remains less traveled.
Still bootstrapped and graveled.
We’d love a hint or even two ...
2021, what say you?

To my curious Digi-Peeps-
You asked, so I shall tell.
Of both your future feats,
And upon the pitfalls, you fell.

Your year will start with a bump,
The good and the bad kind.
Meaning, revenue will jump,
But the forecast falls behind.

Ryan planned for record growth,
And why on earth wouldn’t he?
Budgets came under oath,
From trends, anyone could see.

So, you put a few hires on ice,
And walked back a couple of rocks.
It wasn’t time to roll the dice,
You’d barely left the blocks.

Thus, you forged ahead,
Albeit with RayAnn on leave.
Sir William lay cozy in bed,
Wrapped in his baby sleeve.

Within weeks Q2 shall arrive,
Big happenings are looming
Four workdays, not five,
And way less zooming.

Yes, you heard that right.
The grand return awaits!
Vid-Vax are in sight,
And so are your Digi-Mates.

Nicole will be given gold,
Isobel will craft a hunt.
Your mission turns bold,
Reid’s 2050 is blunt.

Nearby, David is on the run,
Which means buckle up!
He’s chatting with everyone,
Filling partners to your cup.

“Vamos!”, shouts Victor.
“Cuidado!”, cautions Lerch.
Our focus must be stricter,
Or we risk a seismic smirch.

Lest we forget Fiona calls?
Or our Fair Housing tool?
We’re juggling too many balls.
Who are we trying to fool?

Grad eased the tension.
Then, Duke, Brin, & Moon.
These are dogs I should mention,
That joined you back in June.

They barked, “Don’t fret, yo!
Everything’s gonna be fine.
Now, slip us some treats, bro.
Please don’t make us whine.”

Instead, you heard a coo,
Of, the baby variety.
And, not one but two,
Cue Adam’s anxiety.

Meet Wyatt and Grace,
Twins of the larger sort.
Hope he has lots of space,
Or perhaps a small fort?

Meanwhile, back on the range
Fiona Forward rocked on.
Sparking positive change
As Digible’s pink swan.

Thanks to Abby’s road
And Greta’s true grit.
The volunteers flowed
Never showing any quit.

When out of the blue
Rose the great Book.
Marketplace, who knew?
Talk about a hook!

So, the tech teams got busy,
Building an MVP from scratch.
The hours made them dizzy,
But the product had no match.

Contracts would soon rain,
And big dollars with them.
It was worth all the pain,
A real engineering gem.

Then, the problems started.
One cut, two cuts, then, ten.
The joy quickly departed,
The company lost its Zen.

Morale went down but not out.
So, the teams dug down deep.
Surely a new prod would sprout,
One you’d be able to keep.

Enter the almighty G-Post,
A much more suitable horse.
Meaning, stabler than most,
But would require some brute force.

Calling the ‘OG’ Team!
Kristen, C-Rush, and Eddie.
You’d need their full steam,
You’d need them to be ready.

They answered the bell,
Alongside Bobby & Ricardo.
But you put’em through hell,
So, you set an embargo.

No more prods this year,
No more hocus pocus.
Time to downshift a gear,
And narrow our focus.

Alas, Aly had her girl.
Whom she would name Dylan.
A picture-perfect pearl
Her “one in a million”.

With November came Optech,
Digible’s “can’t miss” event.
Eight would make the trek,
All left feeling content.

You’ll end the year in style,
The DigiAwards that is.
Time to turn up the dial,
And celebrate the biz.

Erica and Allysa will host,
The night will be a ball.
Lots of reasons to toast,
But Roman will rule them all.

Now you must wake,
For what I told has all passed.
The grind, the joy, the ache,
All of which you asked.

I wish you luck in 22’
Without any catch.
Hold on to that crew,
They’re a special batch!

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