About Us

Long Story

Digible started with an internal promise- never look back, let great work define us and love what you do. We believe that promise guides and grounds us as an organization, but also translates to our approach with clients. They know to expect forward thinking, intelligent strategies, and genuine passion in the work we do. Our clients are also learning that Digible is a three-dimensional shop; distinguished but firmly connected by our digital marketing services, custom research and killer ad-tech. We don’t stop there, but wouldn’t want to spoil the rest of the movie. Buckle up and click on!

Forward Thinking

Digible sets a high priority on staying ahead of the curve, considering what’s possible and reimagining what already exists.  We view forward thinking and innovation as a mental exercise that requires daily practice but also demands discipline and structure.

Problem Solvers

You remember that kid (nerd) in class that everyone depended on for completing projects and solving puzzles – that’s us.  We live for challenges, whether it’s tied to marketing, technology, UX, CX or anything in between (sans relationships) send your next Rubic’s Cube our way!

Customer Support

Every client is precious to Digible- we’re talking Gollum precious. Don’t be frightened, though. We just feel it’s important that you’re forewarned our team bends over backwards to develop and maintain amazing relationships. Above all else we embrace active listening, open dialogue, transparency and patience. Too good to be true? Try us!

Our NPS Score

We take client satisfaction seriously.  This is why we publicly post our quarterly NPS Score.

  • Customer Happiness 100%
  • Digital Marketing 100%
  • Custom Research 100%
  • Proprietary Technology TBD%

Leadership Team

Reid Wicoff

Reid Wicoff

CEO & Co-Founder

“My career goal has always been to dream for a living, work with exceptional people, and ultimately, engineer those dreams into reality. Digible checks all those boxes, and then some.”

Nicole Brennan

Nicole Brennan

Director of Client Services

“I believe in working hard, constantly learning, and never settling. I love what I do and working with the best people in the industry.”

David Staley

David Staley

President & Co-Founder

“I love to do excellent work with good people; striving to be the best in the world at whatever I do.”

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