Our Specialties

Digital Marketing

Digible is a full service digital marketing agency that specializes (aka- ‘crushes it’) in multifamily apartments and local lead generation. We’re proficient (aka- “Rock Stars”) in Search Engine Marketing, local SEO, mobile marketing and paid social.

Search Engine Marketing

SEM is definitely our bread and butter. We pride ourselves on achieving maximum ROI for our clients based on hard leads and move-ins. We make it happen with a blend of your proverbial ‘test and learn’ and ‘don’t reinvent the wheel’ philosophies. We’re currently doing some really cool stuff with offline data generated through our resident simulations and opinion networks.

Local Apartment SEO
SEO has long been considered the black hole for local marketing budgets. You shave off some dollars for citations, push out some content when you can find time, and cross your fingers that your back end provider will take care of the rest. At Digible we do our best to simplify and quantify your SEO strategy, so you know where and how your money is being spent each month.
Mobile Marketing
Is it the year of mobile, AGAIN? Hard to keep track these days (usually a coin toss with social), and even harder to keep up with what it all means. Is geo-fencing becoming old school? What about smart-fencing? Is there even a difference? What about conversion zones- are they a flash in the pan? Who’s using beacons and how? And what the heck is bit-stream data? If reading this is creating any of the warned side effects from pharmaceutical commericals, please give us a call (or your doctor)- we prescribe proven mobile strategies every day using the most sophisticated ad-technology on the market.
Paid Social

Social used to be easy. You ran a few ads on Facebook, maybe some promoted posts on Twitter, or even tried your luck on Pinterest- box checked, right? Not anymore. Now you’re dealing with a firehose of options, platform updates and demographic transitions. Digible feels your pain, and while we don’t offer SDD (Social Distress Disorder) therapy- yet, we do make a huge effort to boil down and prioritize all the noise out there. Our social strategy is typically engineered to complement or enhance direct response platforms (i.e. Search, ILS directories, etc), but we’re equally equipped to develop independent campaigns when it makes sense.

Custom Research

Quick qualifier- internally, we refer to our research as ‘sick’, but figured that might come out wrong, and wouldn’t do much for our SEO. Truth is, though- we’re doing some pretty ‘sick’ research for apartments these days. Whether we’re running onsite resident simulations, analyzing emotional tracking, measuring platform (ILS, Zillow, Craigslist, etc) yield or connecting 10,000+ local renter opinions, Digible is always pushing the envelope for our clients. We want our stakeholders to have the deepest, most relevant insights available at a cost they can afford. Sick, right?

Apartment Renter Journey Mapping
Ever wonder how a resident really found you? We’d never suggest incentivized resident memories or backend software aren’t super reliable sources, but just in case you’re not sold we may be able to help. Digible uses a combination of online, offline and location data combined with resident simulations and surveys to determine the path-to-lease. Give us a shot, and by the time it’s over we promise that we’ll have you singing the chorus to Amazing Grace.
Opinion Network Surveys

Customer surveys have been around since the dawn of time, but unlike the rest of us, it doesn’t seem like they’ve evolved much.  At Digible we think it’s time for old school surveys to shave the hair down and stand upright.  It’s time to leverage social listening, text analytics, artificial intelligence and opinion networks.  It’s time for a new methodology that strategically connects and galvanizes honest consumer feedback.  It’s time for ‘Networked Surveys’.  What the heck are we talking about?  Read on.

'SimulSearch' - Resident Simulations
There’s only so far you can take research without a court order. In our case, onsite resident simulations are the final frontier for multifamily research. Beyond the surveys and focus groups; beyond the macro studies and white papers lives the unbridled, unfettered insights drawn from an onsite simulation. Digible watches and learns as your residents hop on our laptops, and go apartment hunting. We measure the simulations with browser recordings, web cams and sophisticated facial tracking. Following our analysis, we summarize the key findings, included but not limited to: search engine behavior, platform yield and velocity, click streams, site engagement levels and emotional sentiment.

Proprietary Technology

Digible LOVES technology. So much so that we decided to build our own. This fall Digible will be introducing FIONA to the multifamily industry- the first predictive marketing and budgeting platform to leverage over 10,000 online and offline data points per query.
'FIONA' - Marketing Recommendaiton Engine

Take Big Data, cross it with Local Apartment Intelligence and write a ton of code.  Doing this gave us the ultimate marketing budget recommendation engine, specifically tailored for the property management industry.  Meet Fiona, your apartment marketing powerhouse.

'ClientLogue' - Call Analytics

At Digible, we firmly believe in the quality of the lead more than the number of leads.  This is why we invented ‘ClientLogue’.  This technology uses a blend of Siri style language recognition with a human final verification.  Finally, really know what is happening with the leads coming your way.

'EL90' - Expiring Lease Targeting

Stop wasting your dollars on targeting broad segments like “renters” and “high household income”.  Start targeting renters whose leases are expiring over the next 90 days.  This allows apartment marketers to narrow their ad spend and focus on the population who are most likely to be influenced.

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Student Housing


Senior Living

Our Work Flow


Custom Recommendation

We don’t use cookie cutter packages; we run custom apartment marketing campaigns at scale.  Each recommendation is tailored to the particular apartment building, location, and target renter demographic of each property.

Kick off Call

Our campaigns are not built in a vacuum.  We conduct kick-off-calls with every campaign that we run.  This hyperlocal information sets the stage so that we are all swimming in the same direction.

Bi-Weekly Checkin

The campaigns that we run aren’t “set it and forget it” and neither are our client relationships.  We proactively reach out to each property every two weeks with updates on campaign performance, strategic pivots, and need to know information.

Frequently Asked Questions

People have questions, and we’ve already got the answers.

What kind of clients do you work with?

We run digital advertising campaigns for the property management industry.  Our experience spans multifamily, student housing, senior living, and military housing.

What is your turn around time?

We can get any property management campaign live within just 5 days of the kick-off-call.

What are your rates?

Our rates are an all inclusive management fee of 25%.  There are no nickle and dime charges when you work with Digible, Inc., just a super competitive flat rate.

Timely Support

Client satisfaction is our top priortiy, and slacking on communication doesn’t make for a happy friendship.  We respond to all client inquiries within 1 business day.

Innovative Ideas

Digible wasn’t launched to follow in other peoples footsteps.  We pride our selves on pushing the status-quo.  Complacency does not have a place in our world.

Advanced Technology

Sure, we use fancy digital tools, but when we can’t find a tool to fit our needs, we buckle down and make the tool.

Clear Communication

Have you ever tried to learn about digital marketing only to be lost by complex jargon and buzzwords?  We are here to help.  Complicated stuff in simple words, and big ideas in small packages.

Don't Be Shy

Drop us a line anytime, and one of our customer service reps will respond to you as soon as possible