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The List of Digible's Most Frequently Received Questions (FRQs)

May 3, 2019

You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers

There are many questions we get as digital marketers in the multifamily industry, so we came together to give you our answers to our most frequently received questions (FRQs).


Let’s dig in to the list from our clients.

Account Management, Platforms, and Budget - Oh My!

Isobel: As an Account Manager, something I get asked a lot is, “How do I know which platforms to advertise on and how do I breakout my budget?” I usually respond by letting the client know what there are many factors that make this decision like number of units, targeting, occupancy, etc. For this reason, there is no set number that is universal. I would suggest using Fiona to plug all of your information in and then implementing whatever her suggestions are.

Kayleigh: I am an Account Manager as well and one thing I always get questions about is, what the client has to provide us to get the campaign launched and make it successful. Outside of the tracking and access we need to tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Business Manager, etc., one of the most important details we need is targeting and audience information. We can get extremely granular with our campaign targeting so we want to make sure we are driving the right leads to your property.

Nicole: I’ve been working with a lot of our clients for years and one thing that is always asked is, “How can I tell where my leads are coming from?” This is something that’s actually pretty simple for us to answer! We use UTM codes and CRM numbers to make sure we are tracking our campaign progress. Basically, what we do is take the URL or phone number we are tracking and add a little code on it so when we look in Google Analytics, we can see what traffic and conversions came from our campaign.

Campaign Success Metrics

Adam: I’m a Paid Media Analyst and the biggest question I always get is, “Why is my CTR (Click through rate) dropping?” Obviously, there are many factors that can affect a CTR. We usually see CTR start off a bit lower and then increase steadily over the first few months - after that it levels off. The reason for this is it takes a few months to gain traction and build up our Quality Score. Once those are up and some initial optimizations are made, we see it level off and remain steady.

Megan: The most FAQ (or FRQ) I get is, what should be in my paid ads (PPC and paid social). For paid social campaigns, I always like to have good imagery of the property. We have found that pool and kitchen pictures tend to do pretty well. We will want to alter the creative as there are unit changes, seasonality and new images taken. For search, we would really focus on any specials that are going on that month or week. We also lean the verbiage towards whatever unit types need more attention.

Those are just a few of the many questions we field on a daily basis. If you’re curious about similar topics or anything else multifamily, feel free to reach out to us! Better yet, being a local Colorado Digital Marketing Company, we’d be happy to you to your first beer when you’re nearby in Denver.

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