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Product Launch: Digible DynamX Search

April 23, 2020

In the ongoing effort to bring our clients the most qualified leads possible, adding up-to-date pricing and other timely content to our paid campaigns has been a major initiative for some time now. Which is why the team here at Digible is very excited to announce the launch of Digible DynamX: a host of new product offerings created specifically to automate and upgrade paid ads! 

By combining the best of software and strategy, these automated marketing products provide highly personalized paid campaigns that are updated in real time. Not only does this give potential renters the most accurate information, it also helps our clients pre-qualify any potential leads. Talk about a win-win. 


For paid search, Digible DynamX features the addition of dynamic pricing and other automated updates to ad copy. This means that the pricing included in your paid ads is automatically updated anytime there is a change. With Digible DynamX, the days of manually adjusting countless price changes are long gone...and good riddance.   


To make this dynamic ad magic happen, we start by aggregating ILS data. This data is then funneled into a feed that continuously populates the most up-to-date pricing by unit type. And finally, the feed auto-updates relevant ad copy, ensuring that your paid search campaigns always reflect the most accurate information possible.  

The Fine Print

In order to successfully run these dynamic ads, there are a few boxes that must be checked. First and foremost, your property must be listed on specific ILS networks. Please reach out to your account manager for more information on whether or not your property meets this initial qualification. 

Second, as the feed that auto-updates the pricing on your search ads draws from ILS data, your paid search ads will only be as up-to-date as this information is, so it is important that the property pages reflect current pricing. 

Once these criteria are satisfied, the dynamic price included in your ads will reflect the lowest price listed for a specific unit type (the lowest price for 1 bedroom floor plans, lowest price for 2 bedroom floor plans, etc.). 

What to Expect

Digible DynamX for search will be added to all new accounts that meet the necessary qualifications. We are also in the process of adding Digible DynamX to all current accounts, but it will take a bit of time for us to update the 100k+ ads that are currently running, so please bear with us. We promise it’ll be worth the wait. 

If you have any additional questions or are looking for more specific information on when you can expect these new and improved ads to hit your paid campaigns, reach out to your account manager today. 

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