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Paid Search

Results-Driven Paid Search Campaigns Powered by Data

Paid search is a form of digital marketing that allows advertisers to show their ads on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Working on a pay-per-click (PPC) model, paid search means you do exactly that. Every time a user clicks your ad, you pay the hosting platform a fee. 

The goal—well, aside from padding Sundar Pichai’s pockets—is to target prospective renters as they search. PPC reaches qualified leads, right from the beginning of the customer journey. As long as you’re willing to drop a few dolla’ dolla’ bills, y’all, paid search is a scalable way to build brand awareness, boost site traffic, and increase conversions.

At Digible, we create fully customized paid campaigns to maximize return on all of that scratch you’re shelling out. Using a blended approach, we combine tried-and-true PPC strategies with a holistic incorporation of your property’s data. Seriously. All of your data. From occupancy, close ratio, and absorption rate to website analytics, ILS performance, and call tracking, we leverage it all. And with the infusion of predictive analytics, we’re able to optimize your campaigns every step of the way—oftentimes before a single ad is even served. Why wait?

the digible difference

No Startup Fees, 
No Long-Term Contracts

Adjust budget any time or cancel
 within 10 days.

Account Manager

One who lives and breathes digital marketing.

Call Tracking

Included at no extra cost.

Fair Housing Focused

We ensure all campaigns follow best practices for federal and state protected classes.

Monthly Reporting

Delivered on a monthly basis or available on the fly through our reporting dashboard.

Advanced Budget Pacing

Digible-built custom budget pacing process to make sure you never waste a dime.

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Clients with under 25 properties with Digible
Management Fee
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Clients with 25+ properties OR entire portfolio with Digible
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We want to gather as much information about your property as possible. Current specials, floorplan availability, unique amenities—we want it all. We also want to secure access to your Google Analytics and install Google Tag Manager on your site. And we want to say please. And thank you. Manners are important, after all.

Campaign Setup

After we get the green light to launch your account, we set up a campaign that aligns with your goals and follows best practices for optimal performance. From ad groups and keywords to FHA-compliant targeting, our structure is specifically created to get results.


Tracking is a key component to all things paid advertising. Where possible, our team sets up and implements conversion tracking for phone calls, form fills, and onsite activity. Plus, we monitor keyword performance and keep an eye on all the cash money being spent.


Once everything is up and running, we use continuous testing and data-driven decision making—the key ingredients to our paid search secret sauce—to optimize your campaign. We’re all about creating efficiencies and maximizing ROAS.


Are KPIs meeting benchmarks? Are there areas for improvement? Are there nine members in Wu-Tang? Or ten? These are just a few of the many questions we ask as we measure the performance of your campaign. Our custom reporting gives you all of the answers.

Ready to cash in on a brand boosting paid campaign?

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