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Live at NAA with Rent Dynamics

June 30, 2022

This week on the Digible Dudes podcast, we bring you a special episode from Apartmentalize, an annual conference hosted by the National Apartment Association. Our special guest for this episode is Trevor Park, Vice President of Marketing at Rent Dynamics. Rent Dynamics is a company that improves the rental journey through technology and services that create an intuitive and seamless customer experience. Throughout this episode, we dive into how Rent Dynamics evolved over the years, the value it provides to customers, building partnerships, growth, and more.

[08:44] Rent Dynamics – We start the conversation with the story of how Rent Dynamics started and the services they provide.

[14:06] Advanced Features – Some of the advanced features Rent Dynamics offers.

[16:49] Target Market – Trevor explains the market segments and target user groups Rent Dynamics is focusing on.

[18:46] The Vision – Trevor shares with us their ultimate vision for the platform and how it integrates with other systems.

[26:57] Growth – Trevor shares some of the cool things they’re planning and how they hope to grow the business in the near future.

[29:55] Unique Value – Trevor shares his take on the unique value proposition Rent Dynamics is providing and what they’re doing to stand out from the competition.

[34:11] Partnering – How Rent Dynamics approaches creating partnerships and plans for building an ecosystem.

Connect with Trevor

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/trevorcpark
Website: rentdynamics.com

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