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EP111: Talk Social Media with Eddie & Erica

June 27, 2022

This week on the Digible Dudes podcast, we’re diving into some of the metrics, strategies, and trends in social media marketing for the multi-family housing industry. Joining us on the show are Eddie Fitzgerald, Social Media Analyst at Digible, and Erica Hanger, Senior Content Strategist at Digible.

[03:18] Organic Social – Eddie starts the conversation with a brief review of his work in organic social and the benefits of having a consistent social media presence.

[06:12] ROI – Means of measuring the impact of organic social and estimating return on investment.

[11:26] Engagement – Trends and ways residents engage with properties on social media and how that engagement can be used to improve marketing efforts.

[16:37] Engagement During COVID – How the engagement rates changed due to the pandemic and its ripple effects.

[22:23] New Developments – Some of the new developments in social media platforms and how emerging new platforms may change the definition of social media.

[35:18] Future of Social Media – The direction social media is headed and some emerging trends and features that could be further expanded in the future.

[46:26] Eddie’s Best Memories – Eddie is leaving Digible and will be moving back east to be with his family in a couple of weeks. Eddie shares some of his best memories with Digible and his future plans.

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