E29 - 1 of 2: UpLift (BetterUp) Conference - Thriving in a White Water World of Work

March 19, 2020

For Digible's first remote podcast, David and Nicole head out to Berkeley, CA for the UpLift Conference hosted by BetterUp. The conference focuses on EX (Employee Experience) and how to build a team that thrives in a "White Water World of Work".

BetterUp is a technology platform that Digible utilizes to provide Professional / Career coaching to the leadership team. Their tech evaluates the "whole person" for strengths and weaknesses. Then BetterUp's algorithm match-makes the individual to their ideal professional coach. This service has been a terrific tool for the team at Digible, and the UpLift conference ties together the research, methodology, and reasoning that BetterUp has developed for their platform.

Listen in if you have an interest in hearing the team's key takeaways from UpLift 2020!

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