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Digible Snack: Google Discovery Ads - A More Cost-Effective Upper Funnel Option

May 24, 2021

On Digible Snack episode, we’re always focused on informing you about new innovative ways to improve marketing efforts. In Today’s episode, we’re going to take a quick look at Google’s discovery ads. Discovery ads are a set of visually rich, mobile-first ads that appear in multiple Google feed environments on combine stunning visuals with sophisticated audience targeting features.

Adam dives into the conversation by talking about how discovery ads were introduced, the basic concept behind them, how they’re different from traditional ads. Megan joins the conversation sharing her take on how Gmail ads can be run alongside a discovery ads campaign and what they’ve observed about discovery ads in terms of CPC, conversions, CPL, and other parameters that define the performance of a campaign.

In the next section, we talk about how discovery ads can be used for the purpose of retargeting and how discovery ads allow marketers to create more visually appealing ads. Wrapping up the conversation, David talks about some of the patterns he sees when paid marketing platforms introduce new ad features.

[01:50] Getting to Know Discovery Ads – Adam covers what discovery ads are, where they’re placed and how they’re different from traditional ads.

[04:38] Breaking Down Data – Megan shares with us what they observed when comparing discovery ads against standard non-brand ad campaigns.

[06:00] Retargeting – Adam talks about how discovery ads can be used for retargeting.

[08:29] Ad Creatives – How discovery ads allow marketers to use better ad creatives.

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