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Digible Snack: Dynamic Search Ads - is there a performance gain?

February 8, 2021

Welcome to the Digible Dudes podcast. We’re back again with another Digible Snack episode with two special guests, Megan & Adam. Megan is the digital strategy lead for the paid media department, and Adam is the director of paid media at Digible. Over the last few months, our guests have been doing several case studies on numerous aspects of paid advertising, and in today’s episode, we talk about what dynamic ads are, how they work, what’s so unique about them, and more.

[01:38] Dynamic Ads – What dynamic ads are and how to utilize them in paid search campaigns.

[02:27] Standard Vs. Dynamic – Megan shares her observations about the performance improvement dynamic ads have over standard ad campaigns in terms.

[03:36] Cost Per Conversion – How the cost per conversion of dynamic ads behaves compared to regular ads.

[05:26] Keywords – Megan shares her thoughts on how keywords come into play for dynamic search ads.

[06:22] What’s Unique in Dynamic Ads? – Adam talks about the unique features and behaviors of dynamic ads that make dynamic ads stand out from the rest.

[08:17] SEO & Dynamic Ads – How the SEO setup of a website affects the performance of dynamic ads.

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