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Data drives Digible. Period. Full stop. We believe that investing in data is the fastest and most fruitful way to improve agency and client operating efficiency, to foster self-service insights, to spur product and technological innovation, and ultimately to advance the apartment industry.

That’s why we’re committed to collecting a whole heap of it. Marketing performance reports, Google Analytics, consumer psychographics, CRMs, geographic indexes, media performance trends, ILS and ALN data, click-stream journeys...just to name a few things. By pairing cutting-edge technology—artificial intelligence and machine learning—with progressive research methodologies, we source and aggregate millions and millions of data points. 

From there, our experienced team of data engineers, scientists, and analysts mine and normalize the data to ensure accuracy. Then we analyze and benchmark to discover new sources of information, to test and see what’s working, and to eliminate what’s not. Finally, we draw actionable insights out of the jumble of numbers—insights that shape all of our strategy decisions and help us to continually optimize your campaigns.



Custom Research Products


Discover fresh new insights about your residents’ path to lease with SimulSearch: a research product built to enhance PPC performance, media mix modeling, and digital ad creative. With browser recordings, webcams, and sophisticated facial tracking, Digible conducts both open and segmented simulations to observe search engine behavior, platform yield, property affinity, and emotional response metrics. From there, we analyze the data for key learnings and integrate our insights into your campaign. 


Sequentially target residents 90 days out from renewal on Google, Facebook, and email with EL90. By sourcing multiple data providers plugged into apartment, moving, and storage databases, Digible is able to obtain and qualify a list of IP addresses used for these hyper-targeted campaigns. We narrow focus to renters whose leases are expiring over the next 90 days—a population more likely to be influenced by your marketing efforts—thereby decreasing your ad-spend and increasing your conversions.

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