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case study: Text Overlay in Facebook Hero Images

January 20, 2022

Including Ad Copy in Facebook Ad Hero Images

How Including Ad Copy in Facebook Hero Images Increased Site Visits by 51%

Text Overlay in Facebook Hero Images: This test found that incorporating ad copy such as short slogans in a Facebook hero image helps improve paid social performance across the board, and most notably, increases site visits by 51% on average. 

The text overlay in Facebook hero images is a clean way to represent your brand and capture the user’s eye right off the bat. The quality images also help optimize your Facebook ads, as Facebook will show ads that they think are quality and relevant more frequently than other ads in the account. This idea is proven by the 39% increase in impressions between ads with text overlay and those without.

Visual Examples


Ads with text overlay versus ads without text overlay in the Facebook hero image. Data spans across one portfolio as of September 2021.

Ad TypeImprClicksCTRSpendSite VisitsSite Visit RateCost Per Site VisitCPM  Instant Experience View Time
Text Overlay205,77315,2417.41%$2,7326,1242.98%$0.45$13.2813:14.89
% Change+39%+51%+9%+28%+51%+8%-15%-8%+0.07%


Using text overlay in Facebook hero images significantly improves performance in site visits, CTR and cost per site visit, and it is an excellent strategy for accounts looking to increase their paid social reach at a more efficient cost. 

Main Takeaways

  1. Awareness and Reach

Impressions, clicks and site visits all increased when we implemented text overlay in Facebook hero images which tells us that this strategy is an excellent way to get your paid social ads in front of more users AND it is an excellent way to bring more users to your website via your paid social ad.

  1. Efficiency

Our cost per site visit and CPM both decreased when we implemented text overlay in Facebook hero images which shows us that we are able to reach more qualified users at a more efficient cost.

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