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case study: Spanish Campaigns

January 20, 2022

Spanish Ad Copy, Keywords & Targeting on Paid Search

How to Reach a New Audience & Increase Your CTR by 185%

Spanish Campaigns: The United States alone has over 41 million native Spanish speakers, making Spanish the 2nd most spoken language in the country. In some areas, Spanish speakers account for a majority of the population. When advertising for apartment buildings in areas like San Diego, CA, or Miami, FL, catering to a Spanish audience just makes sense. 

This test aimed to prove that targeting Spanish speakers with Spanish ad copy and keywords could add value to your English paid search campaigns. 

Visual Example


Spanish Campaigns and Targeting compared to Standard English Campaign setup.

CampaignAvg ImpressionsAvg ClicksAvg CTRAvg ConversionsAvg CostAvg CPLAvg ConvR
% Change-52.32%29.26%185.13%-17.86%-32.32%7.86%-42.65%


Although Spanish Campaigns had a smaller reach than Standard English Campaigns, clicks, CTR and Conversion Rates were strong, which brought value to the portfolio. This strategy is a recommended addition to any properties located in cities with large Spanish speaking populations.

Main Takeaways

  1. Performance Metrics

Spanish Campaigns proved to outperform English Campaigns in competitive metrics like CTR and CPC. Although it has lower conversion metrics, it is a great tactic to drive more traffic to your site at a lower cost.

  1. New Audience

Targeting Spanish speakers with Spanish ad copy is a great way to target a new audience while also dominating a new competitive arena on Google’s search engine.

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