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case study: Paid Social Bulleted Amenities Instant Experience

April 26, 2023

Measuring the Impact on KPIs using Bulleted Amenities in Instant Experience

How does the Performance of the Standard Paragraph Instant Experience compare to a Bulleted Amenities list in the Instant Experience?

Our team tested the performance of our Standard Paragraph Instant Experience ad against a Bulleted Amenities list Instant Experience ad for our Paid Social campaigns. This was an A/B test that ran both types of ads against each other in a Test campaign while pausing out previous Traffic campaigns during the test. We started this test in Q4 2022 and extended it into Q1 2023 to ensure we have conclusive results.

Our Findings

Main Takeaways

  1. KPIs will Perform Higher than Standard Instant Experience

Across multiple properties, we saw improved performance from having the bulleted amenities list in the instant experience. From increased impressions and reach, to landing page views and link clicks, metrics improved on average overall. Likely due to the content being more skimmable.

  1. Types of Amenities Offered Are Crucial

This type of optimization is best suited for properties that offer robust amenity lists - both apartment and/or community-focused. If a property has a short list of amenities or very standard amenities, this strategy is not recommended for that property.

Bulleted Amenities (left) and Standard (right)


Our research comparing Bulleted Amenities vs. Standard Paragraph further proved that the bulleted amenities ad copy variation performs better than the standard paragraph format, and therefore, should be included in the standard campaign setup. Questions? Drop us a line at [email protected].

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