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Case Study: Call Quality & Behavior Analysis for Apartments

September 22, 2019


Overview & Purpose

Phone calls come in all different shapes and sizes. That’s why it’s crucial to understand the quantity and quality of phone calls, as well as the patterns of caller behavior, in order to optimize both campaigns and customer service.

Research shows that keyword pool numbers provide a larger ratio of leads as compared to Google Ad Extensions, as seen in the graphics above. In other words, people who click on a PPC ad and then call from the on-site tracking number are more likely to turn into leads than those who call directly from a PPC ad. However, it is also important to note that Google Ad Extensions do drive over three times more calls than keyword pool numbers.

So, it’s simply a manner of quality versus quantity.

  • If the first call is answered, 36% of first-time callers turn into leads.

  • If a first call is unanswered…

    • there is only a 55% chance someone will call back.

    • there is a 78% chance the caller will not become a lead.

    • there is an 89% decrease in total lead volume.

  • Second-time callers = callers whose first call was unanswered.

    • 33% of second-time callers are leads.

    • 40% of second-time calls are answered.

  • Third-time callers = callers whose first and second calls went unanswered.

    • 30% of third time callers are leads.

    • 48% of third-time calls are answered.

    • 98% decrease in total lead volume when first and second calls go unanswered.





If your focus is on quality calls, consider optimizing to desktop/onsite traffic. But if your focus is on call volume, consider increasing call extension bid adjustments and optimizing for mobile traffic.

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