AIM 2021: Perfect Promotions

November 10, 2021

Welcome to the Digible Dudes podcast. We’re back with another short interview packed with insights from AIM 2021 conference. In this episode, we chat with Stephen McFadden, the President of Perfect Promotions, which offers a unique blend of innovative branding solutions to the multifamily industry through branded merchandise. In this interview, we talk about some of the recent industry trends and how they affect consumers.

[03:19] Pandemic & Supply Chains – Stephen shares his insights on how the supply chains and distributors were affected by the pandemic and the current status of getting things back to normal.

[06:00] Logistics – Logistics challenges the apparel industry is facing at the moment and how they might affect the industry and consumers.

[09:39] Domestic vs. Outsourcing – Stephen explains how and why some tasks and processes in the apparel industry are carried out domestically while some others require international business.

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