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A Holistic Marketing Strategy for the Holidays

November 19, 2021

Optimizing Campaigns this Holiday Season

The Digible Crew gathered 'round to discuss multifamily marketing trends and dived into the data and performance from last years' holiday season. And voila! We've compiled a holistic market strategy for multifamily marketers, suggestions for optimizing your campaigns, and the best bang for your buck this Holiday Season.

December Overview

Paid Search
  • Eligible Impressions Dropped 39% week of Christmas. Despite the drop in eligible impressions, pacing ahead in December 2021 allowed us to increase our CTR, and decrease CPC & CPL

    We Suggest: Pace Ahead to spend the majority of budget prior to Christmas

Paid Social

  • The Average Canvas View Time hit a high the week of Christmas up 7% (WOW!). While user engagement with paid social campaigns increased throughout the month, user intent decreased

We Suggest: Continue to focus on high funnel campaigns with highly engageable content


  •  From Week 1 to Week 3 SVR continued to drop from November, however, increased again after the week of Christmas, up 31% from week 3 to week 4. Lower Display SVR’s and increases in cost/site visits indicate increases in the competition heading into Thanksgiving.

    We Suggest: Consider testing to spend impressions after Christmas.


  • While December performance was average in both 2019 and 2020, December saw a -46% in CTR when compared to November campaigns

    We Suggest: Consider pausing out of Geofencing campaigns for December and utilizing budget in other upper funnel platforms such as paid social.


  • Email campaigns had a 10% decrease in Click to open rate in December when compared to November. When looking at days of deployment, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday had the highest Click to open ratios.

    We Suggest: Though performance for Email campaigns compared to November is slightly lower, December is still an average performing month when compared to the rest of the year.

Organic Social

  • Organic Social content had a steady decrease in engagement rate when compared to October performance.

    We Suggest: Social posts highlighting local points of interest, shops, and businesses over property specific content.


Below are strategy suggestions for the 2021 Holiday Season: The 2020 Holiday season saw an increase in online user engagement with a decrease in consumer intent. What does this mean? Long story short - more high funnel, awareness driving campaigns. Here are some suggestions:

Ad Copy for Search, Social, & Display

  • Ensure ad copy is updated to reflect amenities that are currently open & available
  • Consider adding ad copy variations with “Look Forward to” type of ad copy, encouraging users to think ahead to the warmer months & outdoor amenities


  • Consider including TikTok ads into your paid social strategy and capitalize on the increases in user engagement with “snackable content” during the Holiday season
  • We Suggest: 15 second - 3-minute long video (examples can be provided) and 98x98 pixel logo
  • Lead Time: 1 Week


  • Increase of user engagement during the holiday season, searching for decor and cooking inspiration
  • We Suggest: The client needs an organic Pinterest page and needs to give access to Digible.
  • Lead Time: 1 Week


  • Consider including audio ads into your programmatic strategy during the Holiday season and adding targeting for the Holiday genre.
  • Required: Approval of 55-75 word script & approval of voiceover. 640x640 companion image
  • Lead Time: 2 Weeks due to voice over production and approval steps


  • The holidays mean more time spent online. Consider implementing Native campaigns and reaching users with rich and engaging content that can increase awareness about your property. 
  • Required: Article provided by client or approved by client (if written by Digible)
  • Lead Time: 2 Week due to approval and article production time

The holiday season is hectic enough! We've got you covered with the strategy, suggestions, and savings to optimize your marketing campaigns for your apartment communities. Questions? Drop us a line at [email protected]

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