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5 Fall Activities to Promote on Social in Proximity to Your Property

August 15, 2018

Believe it or not, summer has come and (nearly) gone and fall is right around the corner. Queue the changing of the leaves, bundling up a bit more and a slew of new autumnal activities. With a new season approaching, now is a great time to freshen up your social content. Stuck on where to start? Grab your favorite fall-themed drink of choice and cozy up for a few tips on what to promote on your social media channels this season.



Few activities bring people together quite like cheering on your favorite team to victory. For many households, fall weekends center around football games. Take a look at upcoming schedules for the NFL and share your best travel tips for getting to the game from your property. If getting to a game isn’t convenient, opt for featuring local bars or restaurants that plan viewing parties.

Don’t limit your content to professional sports teams. What local sports teams play nearby? Are there any college or high school games in proximity to your property?

We’d recommend posting a day or two before the big game to chat with the pumped up fans. You can even listing the local channels morning-of so that renters can tune in for game time.

Best Brunch Spots

Call it a late breakfast, call it an early lunch or call it a combination of the two - brunch spots are a great place to include in your social media content for residents to spend time with their friends and loved ones. Who serves the biggest stacks of pancakes in town?  Where can you find best-kept secret french toast recipe nearby? Websites like Yelp and OpenTable are a great place to start to create a list of hot spots.

Try posting on Fridays for tenants to prep their weekend plans a day or two in advance.

Parks & Fall Festivals

Autumn is a beautiful time of year full of rich colors and cooler temperatures perfect for spending time outside. Why not showcase the beauty around your property on social media? Highlight local parks, hiking trails or other outdoor areas in your community. Are any of these locations hosting fall events or festivals? This is a popular time of year for tons of activities like hayrides, pumpkin patches, food festivals, and more.

These posts can be promoted any time of week for renters to plan activities around - just make sure to give them details like the time, cost, and location of where they will be headed!


Date Night

Surely there were plenty of couples that moved in during the summer, and you want to make sure to cater to their interests to explore your community with their SO. Show off some restaurants and bars in proximity to your building with a great local chef or unique cocktail list. There are tons of choices when it comes to this, so be specific with your content. Highlight a more intimate spot you’d recommend for a date night and mention the ambiance, a plate recommendation, or your drink of choice when you visit. Do a quick survey of popular happy hour spots with a lively environment and small plates on Google Maps and make sure to list out any other fun tidbits, like if a restaurant features a secret doorway to get to the restrooms.

Keep these posts to the latter half of the week so that couples can go out after the end of their work week or plan a nice weekend evening date.



Shopping is truly a year round deal, but who doesn’t love a new wardrobe when sweater weather arrives.. Promote some content highlighting different shopping areas close to your property. Be sure to cover a variety of stores and shopping areas to speak to a wider audience. If your property is in a more urban area, highlight local vendors or unique shopping areas near your building to help future residents learn more about the community. Consider some back-to-school themed ideas with information on where to stock up on supplies. Take a peek at the malls nearby as well to see if they are hosting any events like a blood drive or a sipping and painting event that your residents may want to attend.

There’s no hard or fast rules here on when to post, we’d recommend just posting a few days prior to events or throughout the week on any good shopping spots that people can check out after work.

Not sure where to start with promoting social content? We can help with that.

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