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3 Things to Keep in Mind to Attract Student Renters

June 19, 2018

Student housing is a whole other ballgame compared to multifamily - and it comes with a different set of marketing guidelines and expectations. Student housing is the ever-evolving market with an ever-changing audience that’s looking for an affordable place with the amenities that help them enjoy their home (no matter if they only live there for a short time). Students are looking for more, for cheaper, and are using different channels to find their next home. On top of that, you’ve got to be hip enough to get their attention. We’re here to offer a few pieces of advice to help you stand out.


Focus on their Study-Life Balance

Luxury amenities used to be the hottest commodity, but now health and wellness is the best play when you are marketing to students. There are still plenty of apartments out there with tanning beds or jumbo movie theaters, but students are looking for places to study and keep up with their fitness. Large study areas can provide students a hangout for friends rather than having to go back to campus or to a library. After a long study sesh, a big fitness center with all the accoutrements is exactly what they are looking for to work off their stress. Some of the other amenities are expected, but may not get the same kind of use.

Ride sharing is also incredibly attractive as a way to help them meet up with friends. Do you have electric scooters or bikes at a station at the front door? Let them know! Making it that much easier to visit their friends across campus is great for your current residents and can give you some well-deserved street cred with their crew.

Grab their Attention on their Phone  


Gen Z’ers aren’t fond of calling people on the phone. Heck, they even say they’d rather text than talk to someone in person. Try setting up a phone number they can text when they are interested in taking a tour or learning more about your property. Conversely, you can also text them after they’ve come in for a visit to see how they liked it. They may not give you the time of day when you give them a ring, but a quick text can get you closer to them signing a lease.

Snapchat is a thing. Gen Z’ers are on it daily, and love to share what they are doing with their friends. You can get in on it as well to show off some fun events in prep for moving day or during finals week. Are you hosting a 3 am breakfast study session for your residents? Put up a story on Snapchat! Slap a business filter on there with your name and logo as well. Want to show off your layouts for a new class coming in? Put up a property tour! The possibilities are endless when showing students what they can have at their next home.

Proximity to Campus & Getting Around

Amenities are cool, don’t get us wrong, but students will spend a lot of time away from home - whether they are visiting friends or going to class. Be sure to include certain pieces of information in your on-site content:

  • Close to class? Raise your hand if you remember waking up 7 minutes before your first class in college and having to run over a mess? *Raises hand emphatically* We all know that students are busy and stressed. Is your building close to campus? Mention it on your site, “5 minute walk to campus”, to give students a better idea of what they are working with when they are building schedules.

  • How do you get around? Students often times don’t have cars, and a mention of nearby public transportation they can use will help them get around to visit friends, go to class, or get to their internship. Link to a map of public transportation lines that includes ticketing information as well, and you are bound to save them some time searching online!

  • Can you see the sporting arena from your lobby? Events are prime time for students. Hanging out with their friends, wearing school pride hoodies, and going to games for almost (if not 100%) free is the best time in college. Is your neighboring university the reigning champs in hockey or football? Mention how close you are to the stadium to garner some excitement.


Want help reaching Gen Z’ers? We like getting friend requests.

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