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3 Reasons to Switch to HTTPS by July 2018

May 4, 2018

Everybody and their mom are talking about security nowadays, and Google is taking it very seriously. With more people doing everything online, the concern is real. Think about it this way: wouldn’t you rather put your personal information on a site that is secure rather than a site that has a large “Non-Secure” badge across the top? Google strongly recommends making the switch, but why? We will explore three reasons below:

  1. Security Concerns - Duh
  2. More Trust in Your Property
  3. All the Cool Kids are Doing It

Security Concerns - Duh

It seems like nearly weekly there are stories of data breaches *ahem Facebook* - and it can be pretty scary having to figure out if you were hit. In 2017 alone, there were over 1500 breaches in varying industries - an all time high. Google is trying to make the switch, fast, to make it a safer internet for everyone playing in the sandbox. They’ve warned that if you don’t make the switch by July of this year that they will slap a big ole’ “warning message on your site for users if you don’t play by the rules.


More Trust in Your Property

There are people out there brigading for a safer internet, and anything that gives users a signal that your site can be trusted with their personal information will get you the thumbs up. It can be expensive and time-consuming to set up, but truly, you will be glad that you did it. Best practices should be followed as closely as you can and then sit back, relax, and reap the reward. People are worried about getting their information stolen and getting hacked, and any sort of signal that shows your property as untrustworthy will not soon be forgotten. This process is usually handled by your website development team in nearly all instances - so you may want to contact RealPage, for example, if they do your hosting to make the switch.


All the Cool Kids are Doing It

If the cool kids are doing it, just do it. Between nearly 70-80% of sites on the web (depending on device) are now secure, and if you aren’t there, you should make it your summer goal. Enjoy the summer sun and the internet fun! Don’t let prospects get scared away at the height of rental season by your site.

Remember, it’s not just for prospects, but current residents will feel comfortable storing their information online too. People are busy, and auto-pay is the way today. A big error message about security in their face could become a problem.

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