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The Impacts of a Multi-Platform Marketing Approach

June 30, 2021

While it is widely understood that a multi-platform approach to marketing is the best way to maximize conversions and ROI, at Digible we needed to dissect this further. We had questions like “How exactly does adding in an SEO campaign in month 5 impact your Paid Search results?” and “What impact, specifically, does a display campaign have on your Facebook ads site visit rate?” So what did we do? You guessed it, queue case study theme song here. 

We took just a small sample size of 675 accounts and looked at the lifecycle of campaigns, when certain platforms were introduced, and what overall impact that had on conversions and cost. To be honest, the data that came back blew us away. 


Multifamily marketing tends to be very paid search heavy, and while Google Ads are a great way to generate leads, it often gets the credit for the hard work of other platforms. Take SEO for example. When comparing properties that ran SEO along with Paid Search to those that ran just paid search we found:

  • Conversion Rate on Paid Search increased by 32.09%

  • Website Conversion Rates in Google Analytics increased by 371.42%

  • Total Media Cost per Search Views on GMB listings decreased by 98.58%

Makes sense right? Google loves Google but a 371% increase in conversion rates?! Mind blown. By investing in SEO and doing on page optimizations, technical updates and building out a Google My Business strategy,  you will see a huge improvement in keyword relevance. Overall, SEO lowers advertising costs such as cost of impressions, clicks, map views, search views, website clicks, phone clicks and website leads.


Next up we looked at Paid Social ads and found that by engaging users higher in the funnel they became more familiar with the property and were able to “pre-qualify” themselves. As a result, we captured higher-intent prospects via branded campaigns on Google Ads. Ahh, Facebook and Google getting along. You don’t say. 

  • Conversion Rate for Branded terms on Paid Search increased by 76.56%

  • Total Media Cost per Search Views on GMB listings decreased by 93.42%

  • Total Media Cost per Website Clicks on GMB listings decreased by 91.57%

Last but certainly not least, was Display. By adding a Display campaign to your paid search and social efforts, we saw cost improvements across the board as well as increased engagement rates.

  • Total Media Cost Per Website Lead in Google Analytics decreased by 75.79%

  • Website Conversion Rates in Google Analytics increased by 158.09%

  • Site Visit Rate for Facebook Ads increased by 19.44%


We often see clients hesitant to pull back on Paid Search budget once they hit stabilization. However, including, these mid to top of funnel platforms like SEO, Paid Social and Display in your digital strategy, only helps increase brand awareness and lead quality, so your dollars go farther.

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