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Coronavirus and Your Apartment Marketing Strategy

March 25, 2020

This Digible webinar was conducted by David Staley & Reid Wicoff on March 23, 2020.

In the webinar, they cover several essential areas that could help you strengthen and fine-tune your apartment marketing strategy in this time of crisis. At the end of the episode, David & Reid conduct a short Q&A session.

The first section of today’s episode focuses on the impact the COVID-19 epidemic had on the industry. David & Reid review a blend of data from over 500 active campaigns to compare & contrast several metrics related to market trends before and after the coronavirus came into play. They also discuss the impact on multifamily marketing with different types of data related to search volume, website traffic, paid campaign performance, and much more.

The next section of the episode focuses on optimizing your marketing strategy. David & Reid discuss some valuable tips & tricks you can use to optimize your marketing mix. With the recent changes in the apartment industry, it’s essential to make sure that your marketing strategy is updated to cope with the new trends triggered by the COVID-19 epidemic. They also talk about things you should pay close attention to when budgeting and why it is a good idea to not scale back on your digital marketing.

In the next part of the webinar, David & Reid review best practices you can apply for your marketing strategy. They talk about a wide range of things, including creative ways to engage with potential customers, targeting tactics for different marketing channels, SEO, and social media marketing with less stressful content. They also review some examples of social media and web tactics for handling prospects in this crisis.

In the final section, David & Reid share their take on what comes next and Digible’s plans for reports, webinars in the near future, and their decision to offer Fiona, the virtual apartment marketing assistant for free from April to August. Wrapping up the webinar, they take time for a short Q&A session focusing on the impact of social distancing and using chatbots.

Digible COVID-19 Webinar Presentation

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