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Panel: Perspectives on Marketing - Digible Summit 2020

October 9, 2020



We learn how industry leaders are navigating challenges that Covid-19 has presented to multi-family marketers, from tours to being flexible for current and future residents, along with how to stand out from your competitors.

  • Marketing is a major tool to connect with consumers through storytelling and working to enhance the brand.

  • Industry disruptors, like AirBnb and other flex-stay systems, are completely automated.

  • Watch the full panel discussion below…

Do you want to learn morea bout marketing for the multi-family properties? Do you have questions about Digible or the Digible Summit? Reach out, we’d be happy to talk with you and answer your questions! If you want to see ALL the great sessions from the Digible Summit 2020 - visit our YouTube Channel.

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